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Pre and Probiotic
Pre and Probiotic can improve immunological function. Diarrhea brought on by illnesses or antibiotics can be prevented or treated with probiotics. By lowering bad LDL cholesterol levels and slightly lowering blood pressure, probiotics may aid in heart health protection.
Enzymes are used in the food, agricultural, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries to control and speed up reactions in order to quickly and accurately obtain a valuable final product. These products are crucial to making cheese, brewing beer, baking bread, extracting fruit juice, tanning leather, and much more.
Feed Supplement
Feed Supplement is phosphate, calcium and trace mineral mixtures that can be given to grazing animals during the dry or rainy season. This supplement is preferred for increasing production, and fertility, improves growth as well as skeletal development. This supplement is concentrated sources of nutrients taken as a dietary top-up.
Bromelain Enzyme
Bromelain Enzyme is a mixture of enzymes that have active effects in the body. The active ingredients in bromelain include proteinases and proteases, which are enzymes that break down proteins in the body. This enzyme is also used as a digestive aid for osteoarthritis and to reduce soreness in aching muscles.
Herbal Extract
Herbal Extract is basically made from the herbs or plants to provide multiple benefits for the body. This extract is believed to have healing properties and also curing multiple of diseases. This extract has several associated properties such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. 
Nutraceuticals & Food Supplement
Nutraceuticals Food Supplement is food or part of food that provides medical or health benefits including the prevention and/or treatment of a disease. This supplement helps in combating some of the major health problems of the century such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, cholesterol, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes etc.
Aqua Probiotic
Aqua Probiotic is defined as live microorganisms which confer a health benefit on the host. This probiotic functions by acting as nutrient sources, providing enzymes for better digestion, modulating the immune system and increasing the immune response against pathogenic bacteria. This probiotic is very cost effective to use.
Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Medicine is concerned with the prevention, control, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting the health of domestic and wild animals and with the prevention of transmission of animal diseases to people. This medicine is widely used by veterinarians, farmers, and pet owners, to keep their animals strong and healthy.
Mineral Mixture
Mineral Mixture provided to our clients, comprises of multiple essential minerals required for the proper functioning of the body. This mixture involved individually and collectively in general metabolism, immune system, reproduction, growth, development and repair of various tissues. This mixture also helps in curing different diseases or deficiencies properly.
Dicalcium Phosphate
Dicalcium Phosphate is mainly used as a dietary supplement in prepared breakfast cereals, dog treats, enriched flour, and noodle products. It is also used as a tableting agent in some pharmaceutical preparations, including some products meant to eliminate body odour. This product is also used in biscuits, milk powder, drinks, ice cream as a nutrient supplement.
Dry Yeast
Dry Yeast is the original all-natural yeast that has been used by generations of bread bakers. This yeast provides ultimate baking activity in all yeast doughs, from low sugar to highly sweetened breads. This yeast is preferred for boosting energy, supporting the immune system, promoting skin, hair, and nail health, improving glucose sensitivity.

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